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Captivating Inquisitiveness: Why Go for the STEAM-route

Updated: Apr 8

Experts have always highlighted how useful STEAM projects base are to ensure the all round development of children. At Gabi Childcare, we believe in nurturing the boundless potential of every child. Our approach to childcare goes beyond mere supervision; we strive to create an environment that fosters curiosity, critical thinking, and a lifelong love for learning. So looking for childcare nyc? Come to us! One of the cornerstone elements of our philosophy is the integration of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) projects into our daily activities.

Understanding STEAM Projects

STEAM projects are carefully planned educational experiences that integrate different disciplines and urge children to explore, experiment, and interact with their surroundings. These hands-on activities are not mere frolicking; they are influential devices for developing critical thinking, problem-solving as well as creativity- the fundamentals of success in the fast-changing globe.

Looking for quality childcare in nyc? Gabi Childcare is dedicated to providing child-friendly STEAM projects for every age group so that no child misses an opportunity to discover their passion and talent. For this reason, we update our STEAM projects seasonally to keep them excited and curious.

Science Projects- Exploring the Wonders

Gabi Childcare wants to make science a part of every child’s daily life and help them understand nature by using the feeling of admiration. The science projects we offer include anything from nature walks (newborn and up) where children watch birds and other creatures in their natural habitat to rainbow ice( 6 months or up) experiments introducing kids to light and color.

We also have one activity which is very popular among our children called sink or float (2 years or up) investigation. Projects like “Sensory Exploration” provide a variety of sensory experiences for babies which support cognitive development and perceptual abilities. Moreover, ‘Space BINGO’ teaches astronomy concepts to preschoolers in order to encourage curiosity and develop an initial scientific mind-set. These practices together foster all-around advancement that encompasses children’s mental faculties coupled with senses plus science abilities.

Technology Projects- Coding and Digital discoveries

Gabi Childcare offers technology focused activities that not only engage young minds but also equip them with essential digital literacy skills.

In the project “Maze It!”children from the age of two years old learn problem-solving skills and spatial reasoning abilities. “Ice Cream in Bag” introduces food science principles to kids aged two years and above, while inspiring their curiosity about technology.

“Explosion!” helps with young children's fascination with scientific inquiry and controlled chemical reactions beginning at 2 years old. Furthermore, “Zoom In” provides an early introduction to microscopic techniques for three-year-olds and over that encourages scientific inquiry as well as observation skills.

Project “Coding” is designed to encourage logical thinking and problem solving from the age of two onwards.“Apple play” combines digital literacy with creativity and cognitive development among those aged two and up. Finally “Scavenger Hunt” involves the participation of individuals aged two and up who can think critically, collaborate with others and analyze location positions.

Such full – rounded activities support holistic growth encompassing cognitive social emotional development among children.

Engineering Projects- Designing and Building Wonders

Engineering involves creating things out of nothing thus engineering projects offered by Gabi Childcare give children a chance to show off their creativeness and spatial skills.

The “Edible Engineering”(2 years and up) enables creativity and development of fine motor skills when constructing buildings with food, while the “gRobot”(3 years and up) offers a chance to develop problem-solving capabilities and an understanding of technology through robot building. “Fly Away”( 1 year old and up) and “Automobiles”(18 months old and up) foster spatial reasoning and innovation as kids manufacture airplanes or cars. The course named “We’re Human ''( 2 years old and up) , on the other hand, is about basic anatomy, which helps improve knowledge of biology as well as manual dexterity.

Neighborhood fun’( 2 years old and up) promotes community consciousness and joint plays. Lastly, ‘Beam Me Up!(3 years old and up)’ kindles interest in space study and nourishes engineering talents. Thus, this helps facilitate child growth encompassing mental, social, physical aspects of their existence.

Arts Projects- Unleashing Creativity

Art is a language that knows no barriers; thus Gabi Childcare encourages its early development. Gabi Childcare offers a variety of art projects to help your child’s growth.“Edible Painting”not only fosters creativity but also introduces senses to infants as little as two months old. “Sticker Collection” promotes fine motor skills and creativity among toddlers of 18 months and above, while encouraging them to engage in imaginative expression through collage or other sticker activities.

The aim of “Water Paint” and “Canva Paint” is to allow toddlers to express themselves artistically and develop their hand-eye coordination, whereas "Paint" offers newborns an opportunity to have a sensory experience with touch. Both “Pasta Collection” and "Sponge Collection" are means by which texture can be explored; thereby making these projects great for developing fine motor skills, creativity in two-year-olds and beyond. So, cognitive, sensory as well as artistic growth is nurtured in children by these activities.

Maths Projects- Mastering Numbers and Patterns

Gabi Childcare offers different Math Projects as well. Children of different ages can take advantage of them to grow and develop at the same time. Some of these include “Pom Pom Scoop” and “Muffin Pan Fun,” which have infants, some as young as seven months old, sort things out in terms of how they are classified or what order they should go in as well as aiding in development of hand-eye coordination and cognitive skills. For instance, “Feed Me Legos” is an early counting game for babies of 7 months through matured kids.

There is also a game called “Measure It” that helps toddlers’ spatial orientation and numeracy from 2 years old upwards. Also worth noting is UNO that sharpens the pattern recognition ability & strategic thinking capacity among 3-year-olds and above.

Also incorporated are “Bean Bag Toss” and “Dart Board”, which jointly encourage gross motor skills, eye-hand coordination plus color identification among infants as well as toddlers who participate in play-based learning geared towards physical advancement. All these games collectively contribute to balanced growth in children's lives. So now you know where to go for reliable nannies in nyc.

Benefits of STEAM Projects: How can we nurture well-rounded learners?

The benefits accrued from engaging in STEAM projects are numerous and broad. These activities support cognitive development, foster problem-solving skills, and at the same time, create a thirst for knowledge that will remain with children even as they proceed to their work life and school.

At Gabi Childcare Services when it comes to nyc childcare, we are conscious of the fact that family members have busy lives. Our STEAM projects help children have fun while at the same time ensuring family members are able to concentrate on their jobs by providing them with an enabling environment for their development and growth.

Providing Supplies for STEAM Projects

On this note, Gabi Childcare is committed to ensuring convenience and flexibility to our families. Families who want materials such as paper, glue or paint for example can buy these items themselves; otherwise, skilled baby sitters can bring the supplies along if requested. In case the provider provides them, there may be an additional fee covering the costs. Also it is to be noted that for some projects that we offer it is the caretakers who will carry all the supplies with them.

Why Gabi Childcare?

Gabi Childcare and our services of nannying in NYC are a brilliant selection for families who are interested in finding a safe and nurturing childcare center. The STEAM approach we use is designed to make children more curious, critical and creates opportunities of learning, through science, technology, engineering art and math designs that have been well thought out.

These interactive activities provide not only moments of fun but also help inculcate essential skills such as problem solving, creativity and digital literacy which enable them to be adequately prepared for future academic and personal challenges.

We offer age appropriate activities, seasonal updates and flexible supply options which enables every parent to find something suitable for their children while having convenience in mind. Families can therefore concentrate on their responsibilities knowing that their child is in an environment that stimulates growth and development.

Frequently asked questions

1. What age groups are accommodated at Gabi Childcare?

Gabi Childcare serves children from infants onwards, our STEAM projects have different age brackets thus ensuring that every child is able to participate in age-appropriate activities that will make them grow.

2. How are the STEAM projects beneficial for children's development?

Our STEAM projects encompass science, technology, engineering, arts, and math to encourage analytical thinking, problem-solving capabilities, originality and thirst for knowledge among kids. This type of practical work also supports exploration and discovery in addition to helping produce more well-rounded individuals who possess the essential skills required for success in future.

3. Can families participate in the STEAM projects with their children?

Definitely! We are keen on involving families in our STEAM projects so that they can play together with their children. They can make it fun as they facilitate learning moments for their children through shared exploring and finding out about things. We aim at a situation where both kids and adults can share ideas mutually as we learn and develop together.


We at Gabi Childcare believe that sparking curiosity and amazement among kids is very important. Our STEAM based approach towards childcare ensures that children not only enjoy themselves but also gain fundamental skills useful in their academic or personal life.

From investigating the secrets of science to becoming creative through the art, from engaging mathematics activities through mastering numbers or patterns; our wide range of STEAM projects has diverse offerings that will suit every young mind.

Families should embrace STEAM projects for childcare in NYC and trust in Gabi Childcare’s ability to offer enriching experiences that foster growth when raising their children. By doing this we can raise global citizens who are aptly prepared to face the challenges of tomorrow head on with confidence and wonderment.

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