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Happy Family

We Honestly Care About Families


Our Philosophy

We believe….

  • Each child is unique and needs quality care from adults whose values encourage them to be the best vision of themselves.

  • Child's play is essential to promote cognitive, social, emotional, and developmental skills.

  • Each nanny, manny or babysitter creates a nurturing, safe and stimulating environment which fosters each child to grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. 

  • Work in partnership with families to ensure family childcare needs are met.


Our Mission

Our mission statement is simple.


Gabi Childcare is committed to providing families with professional, trustworthy, and dependable childcare based on family needs.

Our Vision 

To provide reliable childcare for families based on family needs by carefully vetting individuals.


Our Core Values

Our team provides families with P.E.A.C.E. when seeking quality childcare


Punctuality - Reliable workers that are on time  


Experience - Trained workers with experience & continuous professional development training.


Availability - Workers with flexible schedules to fit family needs.


Care - Workers that provide quality interactive childcare. 


Encouragement - Workers who encourage children to reach social, emotional, physical, & development growth milestones.

Skyline New York
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