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  • How does your service differ from a nanny employment agency?
    While most nanny employment agencies provide long term childcare services, Gabi Childcare offers only part time and occasional only.
  • What age groups do you care for?
    Our team cares for children from newborn to teens including special needs and multiple kids.
  • Are you comfortable adjusting to different childcare styles?
    Yes. Every family and kid(s) are different. We can adjust to family childcare needs.
  • Do you have a preference for the age group when caring for kids?
    We do not have a preference as to which age group we care for. We have experience working with every age group.
  • What did a typical day look like working with kids?
    A typical day starts off by making a smooth transition with the family by greeting the kid(s) and then addressing the kid(s) needs.
  • What have you found worked the best when working with families to help raise their kid(s)?
    We found out that working with families as a team would be beneficial in helping raise their kid(s). We are here to help with their kid(s) development by adding that extra hand.
  • How long does it take to secure a sitter?
    We have sitters available sometimes with a short notice. However, we suggest a two hour in advance booking to ensure the sitter will arrive on time.
  • Why is there an intake form?
    The intake form is a form so we can understand your family needs and better service your family. This form also assists with easy transition into homes when introducing new individuals to kid(s).
  • Do you have sitters that drives?
    Yes, we do have sitters that do drive.
  • What activities do you like to do with kids in your care?
    We provide STEAM activities along with sports and story time. We enjoy doing age appropriate Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts or Math projects with kids. Check out our seasonal project calendar here.
  • Are you comfortable performing household tasks?
    Yes, we are comfortable handling lite household tasks that are kid related. For example, if we are giving dinner to the kid, we would make sure that the area is clean afterwards. If time allowed, we would put away the kid’s laundry. Also, kid’s areas will be kept cleaned.
  • Are you comfortable preparing meals for the kid(s)?
    All meals needed while in our care should be prepared ahead of time. This way we are able to focus completely on the care of the kid(s).
  • Are you comfortable taking my kid(s) to appointments, activities, or playdates?
    Yes, We would take your kid(s) to any appointment, playdate or activity.
  • Are you available to travel with families?
    Yes. We suggest a month's advance notice to travel with families. We also have team members with passports to travel out the country.
  • Which neighborhoods do you provide services?
    We currently provide services to all neighborhoods in New York City five boroughs, Westchester, Long Island and New Jersey.
  • Is there a travel limit for drop off or pick up service?
    No, there isn't a travel limit for our pick up or drop service. We also would travel through neighborhoods or interboroughs. Our rate is based on the distance from pick up or drop off and requested location.
  • How do you travel with kid(s) for your drop off or pick up school sitter services?
    We travel using public transportation, car service or walking based on the family needs and demands. We have sitters with driver's license and able to drive a family's car.
  • Am I able to track my kid(s) during drop off or pick up?
    Yes, we provide GPS tracking service upon request included with the service and without an additional fee.
  • Can the sitter stay with the kid(s) before dropping off or after picking up?
    Yes, your assigned sitter can stay with the kid(s).
  • What is the difference between summer vs regular school sitter childcare service?
    The difference between a summer and regular school sitter childcare service lies primarily in the duration and schedule of their services. Summer school sitters are childcare services specifically during the summer months of June, July and August only. Regular school sitters are childcare services provided throughout the school year and includes summer months too.
  • Are sitters available for full time childcare?
    We currently only offer occasional and temporary or parttime childcare services for families.
  • Is there a minimum number of hours to book for childcare services?
    Yes, there is a 2 hour minimum except for our drop off or pick up chaperon childcare service.
  • Are you okay with staying later than planned when parents are running late?
    We would be fine staying later. However, depending on if it’s a kid related emergency or the schedule afterwards, we may not be able to stay.
  • How flexible are you with scheduling?
    We are flexible based on family needs and demands. However, we do advise families to book in advance to confirm date(s).
  • What is the difference between a part time vs an occasional sitter?
    A part-time sitter and an occasional sitter differ in terms of their regularity and frequency of providing childcare services. A part-time sitter is typically hired to provide childcare services on a regular, ongoing basis for a specific number of hours per week or month. They have a consistent schedule. Part-time sitters may have a longer-term commitment and a more established relationship with the family they work for. An occasional sitter, on the other hand, is typically hired on an as-needed basis and does not have a regular or consistent schedule. They are usually sought for specific occasions, such as date nights, backup childcare, sick kid childcare or events, when parents require temporary childcare support. Occasional sitters may not have a long-term commitment.
  • Do you have workers that speak different languages?
    Yes, we have team members that speak different languages.
  • Do you have workers experience following dietary restrictions and avoiding food allergies?
    Yes. As a holistic nutritionist and scientist, Gabi personally understand the needs to follow dietary restrictions. The team is also understands the importance of dietary needs too and kids with different allergies in thier care. We know not to bring anything that might trigger a food allergy or break dietary restrictions.
  • Do you have sitters that have experience with special needs kid(s)?
    Yes, we have sitters with numerous years of experience working with special needs children.
  • How do you vet your team?
    Family safety comes first. We carefully vet each worker. We investigate and verify all information given including but not limited to criminal history, education, certifications, previous experience(s), references and driving record. Each worker is checked on the sex offender registry too. Drug screening and driving record history are also available. We use a well known employee background check company that vet workers for big and small businesses.
  • When would I receive your background check?
    Once we start working with your family, we provide a background check, vaccination and emergency contact information.
  • Would my family be assigned one worker?
    Each family is assigned an individual worker for the childcare services requested. However, if the worker is absent or based on the family needs, there would be another worker to fill in for the time.
  • Am I able to meet the assigned worker before the start date?
    Yes, you do have the option to meet the assigned worker before the start date.
  • What if I don’t like the assigned worker?
    We try our best to assign a worker that best fits your family needs. However, you have the option to request a new assigned worker by filling out the required form.
  • Do you have experience handling a childcare emergency?
    Yes. Here's an incident with a kid. A kid had a serious bruise while running around at the playground. The first thing the team member did was check the kid to make sure they were fine while remaining calm. Next, they escorted the kid to the bench area out of any danger and calmed the kid down. Once seated, they used my First Aid skills, contacted the family and sent a picture of the bruise. The parent suggested that they take them to the nearest Urgent Care. The kid needed stitches and they stayed until the parent was able to meet me there.
  • Are you able to give former or current families as references?
    Since we work with numerous NYC families and expanding everyday, we have asked each family to write a testimonal or review about their experience with us. Some families choose to remain anonymous. We respect each family privacy. You can check out the current testimonals here.
  • What is the no phone policy?
    While with families, our team members can only use their phone to communicate with families, communicate with us or family emergencies. There could be disciplinary actions taken against the team member if violation of this policy is found.
  • Are there any recurring membership fees or dues?
    There are no recurring membership fees or dues. There are only one time service fees.
  • Why is there a service fee?
    The service fee covers the cost of the background check, driving record and drug testing. It also includes professional childhood development and training expenses too.
  • How much are the service fees?
    The service fee varies based on the family needs.
  • How often do you like to be paid?
    We ask that families paid once scheduling. Families have the option to pay daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly. For date nights, we ask families to pay the minimum hours when scheduling and the rest the day services are render. if total hours is unavailable. Invoice can be provided upon request.
  • Am I required to give the assigned worker a 1099 or file taxes on their behalf?
    Each worker is our employee. There would be no need to give them a 1099 or file taxes on their behalf.
  • Do I pay the sitter directly?
    No, you pay Gabi Childcare directly. Each sitter is our team member.
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