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The Best Care for Your Child

Kids with Backpacks

Here to the rescue for your childcare needs. 


  • Early morning helper beginning 5am

  • Evening helper

  • Fulltime

  • Parttime

  • Daytime

  • Evenings

  • Last minute

  • Overnight 

  • Weekends

  • Morning drop offs

  • Afternoon pick ups

  • Flexible with schedule

  • School holidays 

  • Temporary

  • Occasionally

  • Travel with family

  • Travel with passport

  • Nanny/Manny fill ins

  • Sick kid(s) childcare

  • Back up childcare 

  • Vacation sitter

  • Event/ Corporate sitter

No hassle finding safe, reliable & consistent childcare.

Each family receives assigned sitter's ID card which includes vaccination information, state ID and emergency contact information. Families are responsible for any transportation, housing or activity fees while the child is in our care if needed. For our safety, if childcare services end between 9pm-6am, families are responsible for providing car service home for assigned team member. We have local sitters which cuts the cost of car service.

Gabi Childcare is trans owned small black babysitting company. Each worker is an employee of Gabi Childcare. 


Mom and Son
  • Specific days of the week

  • Temporary

  • Long term

  • Occasional days of the week

  • Backup childcare

  • Sick kid childcare

  • School holidays

  • Date nights

  • Drop off to any school

  • Pick up at any school

  • Stays with kid

  • Kid related housekeeping 

  • Prepare kid related meals

Fulltime Childcare

  • Perform light housekeeping

  • Take to appointments

  • Prepare meals 

  • Housekeeping

  • Cook family meals

  • House management

Vacation Sitter

  • Stays with kid

  • Attend attractions or events with kid

Event Childcare

  • Assist with kids at events

  • Manage all childcare needs

  • Sets up childcare station

Travel Sitter

  • Travel with family

  • Stays with kid 

Partner With Us

  • Assist with pick up/drop off for afterschool programs

Happy family

Who Are We?

Gabi Childcare is  childcare staffing agency


Our Committment

  • Our commitment to families

  • Recruit, screen, hire & assign workers

  • Pay the assigned workers

  • Pay, withhold & manage payroll

  • Have worker sign all required agreements

  • Comply with federal, state & local labor & employment laws

Cute Siblings

We Provide

Nannies & babysitters in their private environments. 


  • Prove a safe work site

  • Pay all weekly invoices in a time

  • Pay directly to Gabi Childcare

  • Tell directly Gabi Childcare if any schedule

  • Can not change job duties without reaching Gabi Childcare to express prior written approval 

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