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School Partnership

Enhance your school’s services with our partnership program with Gabi Childcare. We offer two specialized programs to support families and ensure smooth, reliable childcare services for students. Our referral program rewards you with a flat amount for every family that signs up for our childcare services through your referral. Our enrollment program provides convenient morning pickup and afternoon dropoff services for students living within a mile from school. Parents can trust that their children are safely transported, allowing them to focus on their daily commitments. Join us in providing exceptional care and support to your school community.

We currently offer childcare services for families requiring morning drop-off or afternoon pick-up for school. Please visit our School Childcare Service page to view a list of schools where we provide support for families with their childcare needs.

Here's what you can expect when a school partners with us:
  1. Enhanced Student Safety: Reliable and professional caregivers ensure children are safely transported to & from school.

  2. Parental Convenience: Families benefit from a streamlined pick-up and drop-off process, reducing daily stress.

  3. Increased Enrollment: Schools offering additional services can attract more families.

  4. Improved Attendance: Reliable transportation can lead to better student attendance rates.

  5. Community Support: Demonstrates the school’s commitment to supporting working parents.

  6. Cost-Effective: Outsourcing childcare services can be more affordable than in-house solutions.

  7. Expertise in Childcare: Gabi Childcare provides trained and vetted caregivers.

  8. Flexible Scheduling: Services can be tailored to meet the specific needs of families and schools.

  9. Higher Satisfaction Rates: Parents and students feel more supported, leading to increased satisfaction.

  10. Enhanced Reputation: Schools partnering with Gabi Childcare are seen as more family-friendly.

  11. Customizable Services: Childcare solutions can be adapted to suit specific school schedules and requirements.

  12. Additional Resources: Access to a network of professional caregivers.

  13. Marketing Advantage: Unique selling point in promotional materials and school tours.

  14. Stronger Family Relationships: Improved communication and trust between families and the school.

  15. Referral Incentives: Financial benefits for schools referring families to Gabi Childcare.

School Partnership Programs

School Kids
Community Referral Program

Our Community Referral Program offers a fantastic opportunity for schools to earn rewards while helping families access quality childcare services. For every family that enrolls in any Gabi Childcare service, the referring school will receive a $25 reward. This program not only supports families but also strengthens the school's community by providing reliable and convenient childcare solutions. Join our referral program today and start earning while making a positive impact on your school community!

School Connect Enrollment

Our convenient School Connect Enrollment Program, designed to offer families reliable morning dropoff to school and afternoon dropoff home services. Gabi Childcare caters to families attending and living a mile from the same school, this program ensures your children are safely transported to and from school each day. With a minimum requirement of 10 children daily using either service, the cost is just $8 per child, plus a weekly service fee. Our goal is to provide peace of mind and seamless logistics for busy families.

Regions We Serve

Gabi Childcare partners with schools to provide trustworthy and reliable nannies, babysitters, family helpers, and house managers. Our year-round childcare services include dependable drop-off, pickup, and backup care, ensuring children are safe and well cared for traveling to school. We proudly offer local childcare support in the following areas.

  • Manhattan 

  • Brooklyn 

  • Bronx

  • Queens

  • Staten Island

  • Nassau County

  • Suffolk County

  • Westchester County 

  • Washington DC (starting in Aug 2024)

Magnetic Numbers
We're eager to learn more about your organization. Please provide the necessary information in the form below. Let's make this partnership a success. Someone would reach out to you within 48 hours to answer any questions.
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