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Welcome to Gabi Childcare

Thank you for inquiring about our childcare services.  We understand that finding reliable and trustworthy childcare for your little ones can be a daunting task. That's why we're here to make the process as seamless and stress-free as possible. The information collected is used solely to provide childcare services for your family. It would not be used for promotional uses or be sold to third parties.

We understand that each family has unique preferences and requirements when it comes to childcare. Our intake process involves gathering detailed information about your family dynamics, your child's personality, interests, and any specific needs or preferences.

As part of our childcare services, we have nonrefundable service fees in place. These fees cover the administrative costs associated with our comprehensive screening process and ongoing child professional development.  It allows us to conduct thorough background checks, verify qualifications, and gather detailed information about your family's needs and preferences. The service fee must be paid before we can begin the process of assigning a worker to your family. 

Once the service fee is paid, we will begin the process of assigning a team member to match your family needs. 

How we assign team member:

  1. We select one based on your family needs

  2. You select one from the website 

  3. You select one from a group interview*

  4. You select one from a group trial period*

We understand that selecting childcare is an important decision, and we are here to support you every step of the way. If you have any questions or concerns about our nonrefundable service fees or any other aspect of our services, please don't hesitate to reach out. The main fee is the standard service fee. The other fees are based on family needs. There is an option for familes to become direct employers of caregivers. 

*You can choose between 3-5 sitters for a group interview or a trial period. The trial period is limited to 10 days.


Standard Childcare fees 

  • Fulltime, Parttime, School Sitter & Travel $200

  • Occasional & Summer $150

  • Vacation & Temporary* $100  


Optional Service fee 

  • Team interview $50

  • Trial period $125

  • Drug test screening $150

  • Driving record: $75

  • GPS tracking $75 


*Temporary childcare is available for families who need our service for just one day.


Flat hourly rate:

  • Full time

  • Part time 

  • Backup childcare

  • Weekend 

  • Overnight 

  • No school childcare  

  • Family helper

  • Date nights*

  • Sick kid childcare**

  • Travel with families***

Our team:$26 per hour + $5 additional child

Gabi: $35 per hour + $5 additional child 

Special needs kid:

Flat rate + $3 additional 


Night rate while kid(s) sleeping:

Our team:$24 per hour + $5 additional child

Gabi: $33 per hour + $5 additional child 


Travel rates:

Traveling rates are an hourly flat rate and a rate based on distance for the time commuting. Additional hours in the same area is the flat rate. However, if traveling additional rates longer may apply. 

NYC public transportation:

  • If traveling within a 10 block radius, the rate is the flat hourly rate. 

  • If traveling within the same borough, an additional $20 for the first hour is added. 

  • If traveling interborough, additional $40 for the first hour is added. 

Team member who drives:

Hourly flat rate + $10 service fee + $2.50 per mile 

Additional services:

$3 each additional service per hour for the entire family

  • Housekeeping 

  • Cooking 

  • Laundry

  • Organizing

Any car services fees must be paid by the family. 

*We have local workers in each area for date nights. Families are responsible for providing car service if date night ends between 9pm-6am

**There are trained team member who knows how to administer medicine if needed. There is an additional service fee for sick care childcare.


***Families are responsible for providing transportation, housing, activities or food fees while the sitter is working if required. 

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